Glück ist, wo Hüte sind. – Luck is where hats are.


Reinhard Plank is a South Tyrolean designer. He graduated in Industrial Design from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His label was launched in 2005, the same year he took part at Pitti Uomo and emerged as an international hat designer.

As a designer he has always been acknowledged as both a precocious and truly gifted talent. He started his career experimenting and recycling hats reshaping them to his personal style.

As Guy Trebay said during the launch of his career,

“Maybe there will never be a monograph devoted to the oeuvre of Reinhard Plank, a philosophical hatter (“A hat is like a small house,” he claimed) whose duck-billed caps are formed from recycled ladies’ headgear.” New York Times, 16 Jan. 2005

In 2007 he designed his first pair of shoes, the Pippi, since then he continued research on shapes and materials exalting the craft and the aesthetic of sensible yet romantic footwear.

Far away from the trouble of the fast-paced world he works concentrated in the countryside of Florence, Tuscany, where all production takes place.



Reinhard Plank’s aesthetic is full of personality, an exquisite blend of clean lines and minimal tones that are immediately recognizable.
His designs constantly evolve transforming classic forms into contemporary shapes while reverting back to the artisanal nature of apparel design. He loves to experiment and reinvent creating accessories that emphasize individuality.

Reinhard Plank has performed in many renowned galleries and stores creating hats directly on his spectators, allowing them to recall the times when people genuinely felt the hands of the craftsman in their accessories.

ph by Valentina Neri ©